Colorado State Patrol is watching for unrestrained drivers

Just this spring I was in a rollover crash. My truck and the trailer I was pulling rolled down an embankment. If I didn't have my seatbet seatbelt buckled I could have been seriously injuried or even worse. As I rolled down the hill my seatbelt kept me in my seat and from being thrown the vehicle.

In 2017 Colorado had 437 fatalities. Of those killed 233  were unrestrained drivers. There is no question that wearing your seatbelt can reduce injury or prevent your death. Now, through Sunday the 22nd, Colorado State Patrol and Colorado Department of Transportation have teamed up for the "Click It or Ticket" campaign. There will be additional troopers on the highways. If they pull you over or spot you without your seatbelt on you will get a ticket.

It appears Mesa County is one of the worst offenders. "One of the counties in Colorado where we see the least seat belt use, is Mesa County," said CDOT Spokesperson on Traffic Safety, Sam Cole. "In Mesa County we actually have a compliance rate of about 75%, so one quarter of the drivers out there aren't wearing their seat belts."

There is some good news. Younger drivers appear to be better at wearing their seatbelt. Well, take it from this "old dog", wear it. It will not only save you from a fine, it could save your life.

Credit: KJCT8News

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