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Check out the Grand Mesa as of 9:45 this morning, February 4, 2021. Is it just me, or is this the way Western Colorado is supposed to look?

This image comes courtesy of cotrip.org. It's fun to follow this site and stay up to speed with images from all over the state of Colorado.

Kudos to the operator driving that plow. That road looks fantastic. At 9:56 this morning I thought it would be interesting to see how many plows were at work on the Grand Mesa. By my count, there were four plows active at that time between the towns of Mesa and Cedaredge.

Grand Mesa Snow Plows Feb 4 2021

If you haven't been on the Grand Mesa in the winter, you're really missing out. While the visitor's center is typically closed this time of year, it's still fun to go up and walk around. In past years, I would take my late companion, Guard Dog Fluffy, up to the visitor's center to play in the mounds of snow.

Grand Mesa Visitor Center May 2017
Waylon Jordan

Okay, so that snow has seen better days. Fluffy loved it just the same. If you look to the left side of the image, you'll see the snow is piled up to the roof line of the building.

The weekend is almost here. Are you looking for a getaway? As of 10:02 this morning the temperature is over 30 degrees, with an expected high today of 40. Looking to the weekend, the National Weather Service predicts the Grand Valley's high temps will approach 50 degrees. This is the perfect time to check it out. The NWS predicts a high of 44 in the town of Mesa on Sunday.

If you're like most people in Western Colorado, you love the idea of snow on the Grand Mesa. If you can set aside a few hours this weekend, make the trip. Now is the perfect time.

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