Because it was such a lucrative mining town at one point, Colorado is full of things like ghost towns that have long been abandoned.

However, there are much more modern buildings and areas that have since been abandoned much more recently than said ghost towns.

A man that considers himself an 'urban explorer' does precisely what his title suggests; explores urban areas, and has found many somewhat bizarre areas including buildings and the like that haven't been touched, in some cases, many years.

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The man is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and thus the majority of his explorations happen in that area.

One of the areas that he has explored is in fact in that area and includes an elementary school and what appears to be a strip mall that is home to a few abandoned restaurants.

Take a trip through a portion of Colorado that has been completely abandoned and left to be taken over by the elements:

Check Out Some Abandoned Colorado Places

An abandoned school and more are still sitting in Colorado.

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