There is a problem with people getting hit by cars when crossing the street these days. To teach people to be careful when crossing, the Colorado Department of Transportation is "selling" Hanks How To Get Hit By A Car" series. Yes, this is a parody, but is shows how stupid crossing without looking or being distracted is. The video was produced by CDOT to attempt to remind people to be more mindful when crossing a busy street. Most of us were taught this as little kids, but as adults we seem to forget or are to distracted by our gadgets to watch out for ourselves.

Physics tells us that a collision between a human body and a 3,000 pounds hunk of steel will end badly for the human body. The law in the state also is written that cars must stop at designated crosswalks for pedestrians. However, the law will not stop that car or truck if the driver does not see you, regardless of the law. Many people cross against the "walk" signal or just where ever they feel.

Please be careful when you are crossing the street! Pay attention, wait for the crossing signal and for cars to stop, and don't just step out into traffic because the traffic is "supposed" to stop.

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