Road rage is a real issue everywhere.

Driving angry seems to be a way of life these days, but when it gets physical and a gun is introduced, it becomes something more.

A crime.

An Aurora resident was running errands and talking with a friend as they pulled into a turn lane. But apparently someone in another vehicle thought she was doing something else.

The person from the other car came from the back seat and challenged the driver to a fight, which ensued.

Becoming frustrated seeing someone record the incident, the woman slapped the phone from her hand then hit her car.

Aurora Police have made a few arrests but haven't released the names because the investigation is on-going.

But if there is one piece of advice to get from something like this it's this:

Stay in your car.

Getting out to confront an individual can only lead to disaster. If you feel threatened by another driver, call the police and inform them of the situation and your location.

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