Whenever Grand Junction casts and catches a fish, this is what Junction likes to see at the end of their line. These are Grand Junction's favorite fish to catch.

Catching any kind of fish is always a good time, but there's always certain fish we'd love to see at the end of our line even more.

For example, I think catfish are extremely cool especially because there are so many different kinds of them. But, they're not my favorite fish to catch. I'm going for the fish I've never caught before -- cutthroat trout, razorback suckers, and more.

These are Grand Junction's top three favorite fish to catch.

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    Grand Junction's #1 favorite kind of fish to catch is trout. In Colorado we're lucky to have all kinds of trout here. The kind I'm going for and have learned to adore are the cutties, the cutthroat trout.

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    Bass is Grand Junction's second favorite type of fish to catch. Bass put up a good fight and remind of fishing back home in North Carolina. Bass are always fun fish to catch and not the easiest. Maybe if it was easier to catch them then it wouldn't be as much fun.

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    Grand Junction's third favorite kind of fish to catch is pike. Pike are some of North America's largest freshwater fish. They've got long, crazy looking bodies with a long, narrow and ferocious face. There's Northern pike and tiger muskies here in Colorado, both of which I'd love to catch.

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