There are so many "challenges" these days. The one that matters most here in Junction is the Carville’s Community Challenge. Today was my turn volunteering and well worth it...all because of one man.

The latest craze is the mannequin challenge. Videos are popping up all over YouTube and Facebook of folks frozen in time as the camera works its way around them. There was the Ice Bucket Challenge. There's the 5 Saltine Challenge. And on and on it goes. The annual Carville’s Community Challenge is teaming up with other agencies to bring nutritious food to people and family in need of a meal. All food collected will be donated to the Community Food Bank.

Ray Michaels

It was cold out today in front of the Safeway on Horizon Drive. Not many patrons in and out of the store made for a slow moving morning. I was there between 10-12noon. Just about the time for me to leave an older gentleman walked up and asked if I was part of donation team. I told him who I was and he replied, " just need to make sure because I have a donation for you guys". I started to offer him his free Costa Vida card when he replied "no thank you, I dodn't want anything, I just want to help, here's my donation."

Ray Michaels

He handed me an envelope and said, "be careful with that, there's a thousand dollars in there." Indeed there was. "Those Carville guys are going to match it, right?" "I believe so sir", I replied. Blown away I asked if there was anything I could do in thanks for his generosity. "No sir, you have a nice day" and with that, he walked away. Now there's someone that gets it.

Now until Christmas, we're asking for you nonperishable food donations. Drop them off at Albertsons or Safeway locations during specific weekends "Donations are a big part of our organization, that's how we survive and are able to provide nutritious food for families here in the Grand Valley," said Abel Chavez with the Community Food Bank.

Again, you can make cash donations and Carville’s plans to match them all.

The next donation locations are...
Saturday, Dec. 10. 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Albertsons on 2512 Broadway
Friday, Dec. 16. 8a.m.- 5p.m at Albertsons on 1830 N. 12th Street.

We may not be able to match the generosity of the gentleman I encountered today but we all can give something. Please plan to do your part. "Thank you" in advance and have a happy holiday season.