Taking a break from everything and getting in touch with nature sounds perfect. There are a lot of reasons why I can't wait to go camping in Colorado, here are a few of them.

I have yet to go camping in Colorado (just moved here nine months ago, cut me some slack) and I'm getting ready for my first trip. I'm planning a trip with a friend of mine and we had a choice between spending hundreds of dollars on a hotel or go camping.

We chose camping and I know my wallet is thanking me for it. I love saving money and s'mores and fishing. I plan to do plenty of fishing, s'more eating and lots of reconnecting with nature.

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    Remember the Last Time

    I bet the last time you went camping it was a blast. Regardless of how long it's been, anytime is a good time to go. I can't remember the last time I went camping, which is all the more reason I need to go.

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    Warmer Weather

    I'm not saying you can't go camping when it's cold out, I just prefer the warmer weather. Bring on the days spent wearing shorts and the nights spent cuddled up next to a campfire. With the warmer weather, I'll finally be able to work on my tan.

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    Closer to Your Crew

    Whoever you go camping with will be just a bit closer to you by the time you're done. (Or further, depending on how your trip went.) Somethings about providing your own shelter, food, etc together just brings you closer together.

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    Detach and Procure Peace

    Detaching from the rest of the world is relieving. Being away from society and spending time with nature is a necessity. I think leaving your world and taking a step into the wild side gives you peace.

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    Cost Efficient

    I recently had the choice between hundreds of dollars to stay in a hotel or to go camping. I chose camping. Camping fees are low and my friend has a stand-up shower, I'm pretty much good to go. And I think I'll cut my costs in half by camping.