Timberleaf Trailers moved from Denver to Grand Junction.

Camping is a way of life on the Western Slope. Driving around you'll see campers in backyards and driveways all over town. The local storage lots are filled to the brim too. Why not? The weathers great and the places to camp out here are endless. Let's not forget about Country Jam. One of the biggest "camp outs" in the west.

The local economy is growing too. Timberleaf Trailers picked up on that fact and have moved their operation from Denver to Grand Junction. They arrived in town about six weeks ago. Their addition is excepted to bring more commerce, visitors, and most importantly, jobs to the area. The company says too that they were able to rent more space here for less money. Plus, they're fans of the Western Slope. "In fact, there are more inclined, are more happy to come here to pick up the trailer because they’ll likely go do some camping in our local areas like Moab and the Mesa," says Kevin Molick, owner of Timberleaf Trailers.

They plan to rent out their cool little teardrop trailers this season too. Their trailers are perfect for towing with smaller vehicles and it costs less in fuel. Find them at 507 Fruitvale Court here in Grand Junction. Timberleaf Trailer, welcome to the Grand Valley! Anyone remember the marshmallows?

Credit: KJCT-8

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