Denver Broncos Ring of Famer Rick Upchurch was in the Grand Valley recently and revealed to us the hardest hit he ever took in the NFL.

Rick Upchurch played for the Denver Broncos from 1975-1983. In addition to being in the Broncos Ring of Fame, he was a five-time all pro, played in 4 Pro Bowls, was named to the Broncos 50th Anniversary team, and was selected to the NFL's All-Decade Team of the 70s and the 80s.

Upchurch was participating in the Tee Off For Testicular Cancer Golf Scramble and I had a chance to play 18 holes of golf with him. Afterward, we sat down to lunch and, among other things, I asked him if he remembered the hardest hit he ever received. His reply was " I remember it but I don't."

He went on to describe the hit administered by Glen Edwards, a defensive back who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Diego Chargers. The hit left him dazed and confused, and suffering from migraines for the next two weeks. Of course, I had to ask him if he made the catch. The look - and response he gives me is priceless!

On the golf course, told me about his many physical problems and issues related to playing in the NFL, like 30 years of not being able to lay on his right side until after a recent surgery. I asked him if all the pain was worth it, and would he do it again. "Absolutely", he said, looking me straight in the eyes. "I love football."


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