Officers arrested a Brighton man on Sunday (April 5) afternoon while he was playing tee-ball with his daughter and wife at a local park, alleging that he was violating Colorado's social distancing guidelines.

In a video given to Fox 31 Denver by former Brighton City Councilman Kirby Wallin, police are seen handcuffing Max Mooney, 33, in front of his six-year-old daughter and wife in what appears to be an empty field in Donelson Park.

Mooney told the station that he refused to provide identification to the three officers who approached him because he believed he was not "doing anything unlawful."

But, as he was assuring his daughter that they had done nothing wrong, he was arrested.

Police placed him in the back of a patrol car for about 10 minutes before releasing him, but Mooney said he deserves an apology for how they handled the situation.

He also noted that the officers did not seem to be following social distancing guidelines themselves, as they were not wearing masks or gloves during the arrest.

Donelson Park does have a sign that says 'closed;' however, it stipulates that the park remains open for "groups of no more than 4 persons" to walk, bike, run, or perform other similar activities.

A press release from the City of Brighton, published on Tuesday (April 7), states that police had witnessed a big group of around 12-15 people playing softball together in the park that day.

The incident is under investigation, but the Brighton Police Department did offer to apologize to Mooney in person. He declined the offer.

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