Chipotle has introduced us to a whole new world with "Chipotlanes".

That's the name of the new Drive-Thru Chipotle locations. The first-ever Chipotlane just opened at Prairie Center off Interstate 76 in Brighton.

(Excuse me while I go pick up my beef burrito bowl....)

Now, this drive-thru is a little different than what we're used to with other chains.

With Chipotlanes, you have to order ahead on the website or app, after which you'll receive the time to pick up your meal. Once you've ordered and scheduled your pick-up time,that's when you can use the drive-thru.

The next Chipotlane drive-thru is going to be set up in Parker and is expected to be operating within the next few months.

CEO Brian Niccol first announced the new drive-thru store locations in 2019, according to Business Insider.

Chipotle, of course, was launched in Colorado in 1993. The first ever location was located in Denver near the University of Denver campus. The chain, which has now spread across the nation, reports having more than 2,500 locations.

If you'd like to get your next burrito to-go, you'll be heading to 2046 Prairie Center Parkway, Brighton, which will be open for pickup from 10:45 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. You can also call 720-259-5627 for more information.

Source: Denver Post

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