With Spring Break right around the corner for many students, the town of Breckenridge, Colorado is planning on taking extra measures to ensure the public's safety by hiring security to patrol the town's Main Street to enforce the current mask mandate.

While Breckenridge is primarily known as a ski town, it is also a popular destination during the off-season due to its picturesque downtown area. Because of this, the town, affectionately referred to as "Breck" by the locals, has announced that there will be extra measures put into place during the month of March, concurrent with when many schools have Spring Break, to ensure that locals and tourists alike are taking proper precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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The town has been struggling with resistance to the current mask mandates and because of this, has decided to employ extra security to ensure that the rules are being followed. Town Manager Rick Holman had this to say about the decision:

There’s a fear that some of the prevalent attitude that we’re seeing and some of the problems that are being given to front-line workers and the different things that are occurring is only going to be worse during those peak two-week periods of mid-March. The colleges that are having more of a traditional spring break, those people come here, then we’re going to see that be even more prevalent.

The extra security will be patrolling the town's Main Street for 14 to 16 days during the month of March and will be present from around noon to roughly 9 p.m.

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