These trout aren't just any trout, they are state record size trout. From brookies to cutties to rainbows and more, these are Colorado's biggest trout.

I can't imagine catching a fish that's over 40 inches long, I'd be happy to catch a fish that's half that size. These are the biggest trout ever caught in Colorado, based on their length.

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    Brook Trout

    There's a tie for the biggest brook trout ever caught in Colorado. Both Mark Armstrong and Garrett McBride caught a 26-inch long brook trout. Mark caught his record breaker on the Gunnison River and Garret caught his in Crystal Lake.

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    Cutthroat Trout

    Here's another trout with two records. Sean Surniak holds the record for a cutthroat trout on the Snake River at 31 inches. And Jack Duerson holds the record for a native cuttie at 20 inches.

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    Tiger Trout

    Trevor Nazzaro holds the record for Colorado's biggest tiger trout ever caught. This monster was 28 inches long and was caught at Bar 2X Ranch in Gunnison County.

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    Lake Trout

    The longest lake trout ever caught here in Colorado was 46 7/8 inches long. This trout was caught by Ryan VanLanen at Morrow Point Reservoir.

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    Rainbow Trout

    The largest rainbow trout caught was a whopping 40 1/4 inches and was caught in the Taylor River. Congrats, Tony Felcilda, I'd love to catch a trout even half that size.

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