2018 was one crazy and awesome year. We're taking a look back at the year with our the top five posts 2018. It's the best of 2018, Instagram style.

We like to post all kinds of stuff on 95 Rock's Instagram. We've got Instagram posts about tying flies, hanging out at remotes, mullets, hiking and of course -- catching fish. We're starting with #5 and working our way to 95 Rock's  #1 Instagram post of 2018.

#5 - Reynolds Polymer Remote

The fifth best Instagram post was from our remote at Reynolds Polymer. I got to see the biggest CNC machine and crane ever and hang out with some beautiful fish during their open house.

#4 - Carp Slayer

95 Rock's fourth most popular Instagram post is one that's near and dear to my heart. I caught two big carp within a few minutes of each other and I've got the smile to prove it. Although I like to call myself the carp slayer, just a disclaimer that I did put these bad boys back.

#3 - Grand Mesa Grayling

95 Rock's #3 Instagram post for 2018 is another gorgeous catch by yours truly. I caught this grayling on the Grand Mesa with my dad and Tyler Morris from Western Anglers. It was snowing while we kept catching fish after fish, yet another moment I'll never forget.

#2 - Studio Shoot

Our second best Instagram post for the year is a studio shoot I did with The Raw Canvas. It was fun to have a photoshoot in a place where I spend a lot of my time -- the 95 Rock studio.

#1 - Majestic Mullet

The top Instagram post of 2018, is Mike Protich's mullet from Red Sun Rising. Mike takes his mullet care very seriously and hopes to have the next iconic mullet. A majestic mullet is 95 Rock's #1 Instagram post for this year, what a hilarious end to the year.

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