This should be a WARNING for pedophiles! Here's what happens when a dad catches you molesting his kid!

I NEVER endorse violence, but this should set an example for anyone who catches a pedophile.

According to News 13 - Daytona a dad left his 11-year-old son with an 18-year-old family member Raymond Frolander, and when he returned he found Frolander molesting his son.

So he responded by beating Frolander until he was disfigured!

In the 911 call the father tells dispatch he left him,

in a puddle of blood

and you can hear him tell Frolander,

You're DAMN lucky, boy, that I love my God!

The dad was NOT charged for the beating...

WARNING: This clip includes bleeped profanity and sexual content.  Play it at your own risk-

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