I posted a Facebook question asking who has the best hangover food in the Grand Valley, these are the results.

Both Heather and Connie suggested a place I've been really meaning to check out, Berna B's. Located at 2913 Patterson Road near Safeway, Berna B's is known for its amazing food and friendly staff. However, they're only open until 2 pm, so you'll have to plan your trip accordingly.

After tying one on Friday or Saturday night, Randy's is a great place to get some tasty breakfast. I've eaten at Randy's several times, and they never disappoint.

Affectionately known as Los J's, this place has the perfect, authentic Mexican food for the morning after a night out. Plus, they're open late so if you can convince your designated driver to cruise by, it'll be a double win.

One of the first places I visited when I moved here over the summer was The Warehouse. Not only do they have excellent food, but you can get the hair of the dog going with their impressive bar.

Another favorite place to get a good, hearty breakfast after a long night out is Mary's. They offer great American and Mexican food, and what better to recover from a hangover than a big burrito?

Speaking of Mexican food, Grand Junction's Leon's is another great place to nurse the hangover with a great meal. Plus, they have what some consider the ultimate hangover cure, Menudo.

Grand Junction's Sunrise Restaurant is also widely known as a great place to grab breakfast or lunch, known for its excellent service and comfort food.

If you find yourself craving some great hangover food in Fruita, Munchies Pizza and Deli is a local favorite. In addition to pizza and sandwiches, Munchies also has excellent burgers and fries.

Finally, if you're craving a nice, hot bowl of gumbo, we have Gastineau's The Roaring Cajun. Plus, they deliver!

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