As I reported last week, bears are on the move...and hungry.

Bears are on the move in search of winter hibernation calories. A bear killed a terrier Tuesday in Aspen. It appears the bear wasn't trying to eat the dog but attacked because it felt "trapped" and reacted in "self-defense." I'm sure that's not much consolation for the owners but the fact is bears and humans are destined for more interaction in the weeks to come and it's important to be mindful.

Many of you will be heading to the mountains to take in the fall color over the next couple of weekends. "(Bear activity) is actually increasing right now," says Kurtis Tesch, area wildlife manager for Colorado Parks & Wildlife. "We're seeing more and more activity...They're putting on weight for winter." Tesch suggests that pet owners keep an eye on their pets when letting them outside and consider keeping them on a leash if you're in and around bear country.

There's been a reported bear activity in and around orchards too. At this time of the year, trees are full of cherries, apples, and other fruit. Keeping a watchful eye out and using a little common sense goes a long way in avoiding a bear encounter. The risk will continue until late October or early November.

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