Last week it was announced that an iconic raceway in Colorado will be going away in the near future. A metaphorical "what!?" rang out across the state in unison when Coloradans heard the news that after 65 years, Bandimere Speedway was closing its doors.

What is Colorado's Bandimere Speedway?

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If you've ever driven down C-470 to avoid traffic on I-25 through the Denver area, it's likely that you saw a racetrack in the distance after the Red Rocks Amphitheater exit near Morrison.

Bandimere Speedway first opened its doors in 1958. John Bandimere purchased the land and began with a small dragstrip at the base of what is known as The Hogback, which would serve as a picturesque backdrop for many years to come.

In 1988, the Bandimeres expanded the speedway, increasing the capacity from around 8,000 to nearly 24,000. However, it appears that Bandimere's "good run" is about to come to an end.

What's Happening to Colorado's Bandimere Speedway?

On Friday, April 21st, the Bandimere family announced plans to, unfortunately, close down the speedway by the fall of 2023 as this year's drag racing season wraps up.

John Bandimere Jr., son of the original owner of the speedway, spoke of the legacy his family had created as well as the unfortunate fact that it's becoming time to close shop.

It's unclear what's going to happen to the speedway or the land on which it was built, but we do know that the final race will be taking place on October 29th.

While the news is unfortunate, there's no denying that in its 65 years of existence, Bandimere Speedway has been nothing short of a Colorado icon.

Keep scrolling to check out some highlights from the 2020 season at Bandimere Speedway:

Bandimere Speedway will be Remembered as a Colorado Treasure

After 65 years, the legendary Bandimere Speedway will be closing for good but will be remembered as a Colorado treasure for years to come.

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