When you have weather like today you start thinking outdoors. Bananas are adding more fun for you and your family this summer. The new water attraction is set to open in June!

Grand Junction's fun park is already a great time with mini golf, bumper boats, inflatables, go-karts, laser tag, and more. Now there's a new Multi-Level AquaPlay Waterpark set to open just in time for summer!

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels


The backhoes are already digging on-site and construction is underway. According to the Bananas folks, it's set to become the largest water attraction in western Colorado.

I arrived in mid-summer last year so I've not experienced the full force of summer, but with over 300 days of sunshine here in the valley, it only makes sense to have a water park to play in. The addition will include a huge tipping bucket, multi-levels, and over 50 interactive water features. Most importantly, there's a spot reserved for parent's to relax in.

Make your plans now to be part of the fun. Again, the water park is set to open in June. Find out more by clicking HERE.

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