Ice is more and more prevalent in Colorado as temperatures continue to plummet. Roads freeze over and so do our rivers, lakes, and ponds.

The ponds at St. Vrain State Park in Firestone were freezing over too when Bambi decided to have an adventure.

A buck was spotted on one of St. Vrain's ponds and reminds me a lot of myself while ice skating. (Lots of sliding around and mostly trying not to fall.)

I can't say this young buck was the most graceful skater around. He tried to make his way to shore but his front legs lose traction. This buck is definitely rear-wheel drive on the ice. He leaves his front hooves on the ice as he skates his way toward the tall grass.

One of his hooves sinks into the thin ice near the shore, making my heart sink. I agree with the person in the video, just go home little buck. The ice skating adventure is over, Bambi.

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