On Jan. 2, Bam Margera announced he was going to rehab for alcoholism for the third time. The Jackass star had entered rehab last January following an arrest for driving under the influence, but he's hoping this time things will stick.

Margera has been active on social media while seeking treatment, recently penning two notes, one declaring his sobriety and the other listing an array of things he's struggling with. "Writing is one thing to do in rehab," he caption one post, which can be read in full below.

Dear Cocksuckers,

I have spent enough time grieving over Ryan Dunn through alcohol. I'm 39 years old, the party is over. I don't plan on drinking anymore. I have wasted too much time at the bar and all my friends who needed decades of help are now sober. I would like to join the sober parade. I hear the stories of other rehab patients telling me about there [sic] weeks or months of horrible detox. Well guess how many days of detox I had? ZERO!

I am sick of people always thinking I'm drunk, crazy or fucked up. So if you plan on calling me to tell me that, you can go fuck yourself instead. I'm not going to suck anyone's dick to stay on [skateboard company] Element and or prove that I am sober. I am sober. So keep printing BAM [skateboard] decks or don't. Plant a tree or go bite the big one, every day is Earth day!

In a following post, Margera engaged his vulnerable side, stating, "Thoughts and a pen is all I got," when sharing this message:

To whom it may concern,

1. I don't do well with not being allowed to Facetime my wife and kid

2. I don't do well with not being able to answer important calls with important people

3. I don't do well with not being able to go with everyone else to an outside AA meeting.

4. I don't do well with not being allowed to use the gym.

I don't understand why I can't go on the Interweb like everyone else.

6. My eyes hurt from reading, my wrist hurts from writing, 'cause there is nothing else to do.

As for what else he's been doing recently, Margera uploaded a photo of jewelry he's been working on with two people from Tallin, Estonia.

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