Anyone familiar with 'Little Red Riding Hood' knows that things don't go especially well for the grandmother in the fairy tale. Well, a recent encounter between a 56-year-old grandma and a wolf took a decidedly different turn when she used an ax to dispatch the animal. Way to rewrite our childhoods, granny.

According to reports, Aishat Maksudova, a Russian farmer from the North Caucasus Mountains, was attacked by a wolf that was threatening her and her cattle. At first, Maksudova tried to throttle the animal, but reached for her ax when she failed to pry the wolf's jaws open.

"The wolf suddenly jumped on me with an open mouth," she said. "I wanted to open his mouth and put my fist all the way to his throat ... And then I took the ax and hit him on the head." Wow, granny. You're hardcore.

Maksudova, who said she was "not even frightened" during the attack, was treated for wounds on her hand at a local hospital and is reportedly doing well. The wolf, of course, didn't survive the encounter.

Anybody else feel bad for the wolf?

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