Monday at 10:30pm firefighters were sent to 1490 S. Bahama St. to put out a small fire. Once the fire was extinguished, firefighters found illegal fireworks, homemade explosive devices and other bomb-making materials. The police evacuated homes in the area, then requested and received a search warrant for the property. The Arapahoe County Bomb Squad also took two devices from a shed in the back yard.
55-year-old Michael Grover was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of an explosive device and is being held on a $6,000 bond in the Aurora jail. Police executed a search warrant at Noon today and found more devices inside the home.
Neighbors describe the area as quiet and boring saying “Nothing ever happens in this neighborhood”.
Police did not say why Michael Grover was allegedly in possession of the materials, but did say the incident remains under investigation.