In the heart of the famous ski town of Aspen, Colorado is what many consider a hidden gem called CP Burger. The burger joint serves gourmet burgers, and spiked shakes, and features activities such as ice skating and mini golf just outside of the restaurant.

However, the mini golf course's future was recently put into jeopardy, resulting in a legal battle between the business owners and the landlords.

Keep scrolling to learn about the legal battle and take a virtual tour of Aspen's hidden gem burger joint.

What is Aspen Colorado's CP Burger?

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CP Burger was first opened by owners Craig and Samantha Cordts-Pearce in 2010. The restaurant caters to the young, hip-skier crowd that many of Aspen's locals belong to.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Aspen at 433 E. Durant Avenue and is a popular place to grab a gourmet burger, fries, and traditional milkshakes as well as a variety of "spiked" milkshakes for customers 21 years of age or older.

In addition, the property also features an ice rink in the winter, which turns into a mini golf course in the summer. It was this mini golf course that was the subject of a recent court battle between the Cordts-Pearces and their landlords.

Aspen Colorado's CP Burger's Recent Court Battle

The property owners at CP Burger's location, Aspen Mountain Residences Condo Association, got into a disagreement with the Cordts-Pearces involving the mini golf course.

The association wanted to dismantle the golf course for special events to be held on the property, while the business owners argued that taking down the golf course would hurt business.

After a few months, a Pitkin County District judge ruled in favor of CP Burger.

Now that you know about this hidden gem burger joint and its recent victory, take a virtual tour of Aspen's CP Burger:

Hidden Gem Burger Joint in Aspen Colorado Wins Legal Case

CP Burger in Aspen, Colorado is a unique burger joint with spiked shakes, an ice rink, and a mini golf course for which they recently fought and won a legal battle. 

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