Looking at the signs, it sure looks like the Rolling Stones will be making their way to the Mile High City in 2019.

At this point, there is no official word about a Stones concert in Denver, however, according to 9 News, a banner sporting the Stone's huge tongue was displayed briefly at Denver's stadium as well as other NFL stadiums across the country.

Mile High Stadium is reportedly looking to hold three big concerts in 2019, and the Rolling Stones may be one of them. One of the concerts is apparently ready to be announced next week.

With no less than 25 studio albums to their credit, the Rolling Stones in Denver would be huge. How it would compare to this year's Eagles/Jimmy Buffet concert at Coors Field is hard to say, but, there is no question it will be huge.

You may not even be a big Rolling Stones fan, but the band is so iconic, I imagine there will be plenty of folks buying up tickets just so they can say they have seen the Stones. Time is running out. Mick Jagger is 74 and Keith Richards is 74, Ronnie Wood is 71,and Charlie Watts is 77.

How much would you pay for a ticket to see the Rolling Stones?

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