This morning in Virginia a 20-year-old Waffle House employee’s April Fools’ prank ended with her in jail. Just before 6am this morning Susan Tinker called the cops to report the restaurant was robbed. She claimed masked-men had raided the store just five minutes earlier. The police, not suspecting an April Fools’ prank, launched into action responding with a full investigation and a K-9 unit.

Police arrived on the scene a short time after the call interviewed other employees, used a K-9 unit to sniff around the scene and started to canvass the neighborhood for suspects. Then the officers reviewed the surveillance footage of Tinker’s shift and discovered that the original 911 call was just an April Fools’ hoax. The police were in no mood for the prank, Tinker was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor count of falsely summoning the police.


This is just one reason why radio stations no longer do April Fools’ pranks. People have forgotten what a prank is. A prank should have a punch line or a moment of gottcha with no one getting hurt or the police being called.