On Monday Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office seized about $3.9 million worth of marijuana.

Illegal grown operations in Colorado are a big problem. Nearly every week there's a new news story.  One of the biggest busts so far this year went down on Monday when nearly 4 million dollars of weed and some 800 plants were confiscated.

Along with the haul, nine were arrested. All of which had connections to a Mexican operation, one was a deported felon. Immigration politics aside, it's a big problem if previous felons are sneaking back into the country and working these type of operations. Would you be ok with someone like that working on your property or living in your neighborhood? There were others at the scene when the authorities arrived but escaped through the woods.

Illegal growing operations not only steal Colorado land and water resources they threaten the legal production and sale. There's one sure way to get the Fed's attention and that's illegal drug and Mexican Drug Cartel activity. They'll start cracking down and the next thing you know the 4-year experiment that's been Colorado medical and recreational marijuana sales will be over as they begin to enforce federal law. It could happen.

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