Inspiration can come from a variety of sources, but this has to be the first time we have been so inspired by a pig since Wilbur in "Charlotte's Web." Meet Miracle - the mini-pig.UPI reports the inspirational news of Miracle, who was born without back legs and has learned to walk on his two front legs.

Miracle was born at Colorado Cutie Pigs on August 31 as part of a litter of six. According to their website, Miracle's owners are trying to secure a wheelchair for the little porker to help him tool around as he grows older and bigger.

Watching Miracle scurry around almost makes you want to cry - partly because you feel sorry for him, but partly because he's so inspirational. Miracle has never had back legs so he doesn't even know he's different from other little pigs, and he certainly is not letting his handicap slow him down.

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