Join me, Alicia Selin, as I try on Grand Junction's (and the nation's) top Halloween costumes for 2017. Everything from Pennywise the Clown, to Wonder Woman and some I've never heard of before.

I made a trip to Mad Margaret's to try on Grand Junction's most popular costumes. The very top of the list is Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The movie is absolutely terrifying and was all I could think about while trying it on. I even teared up because I scared myself trying it on and impersonating Pennywise. "Hiya Georgie" -- and insert shudder here.

The next costume is something I've never heard of. It's a character from Five Nights at Freddy's which is a jump scare video game. As you can see, I'm not exactly the "scary type." I don't even know how to use a hook right.

I was excited to try on the nation's number one, and one of Mad Margaret's most popular costume -- the Wonder Woman costume, Superheroes costumes are very popular.

This Wonder Woman costume was essentially a pair of underwear attached to a top and strategically placed flaps. Personally, I like to not worry about my revealing my butt cheeks while wearing a costume.

The last costume is Grand Junction's most popular and is something to wear if you plan on sitting or standing in one place. While trying on the mermaid costume, I didn't enjoy having to take small steps and the limited range of motion.

I did like the shininess and how the tail gives you a nice shape.  The mermaid is cute, but not for me. I had so much fun playing dress up! Halloween is time to explore your creativity.

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