It's been a truly transformative journey for Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace, who is digging deeper into her transgender transformation as part of the new AOL Originals series 'True Trans.' The first episode recently arrived online and it focuses on Laura's years growing up and attempting to come to terms with the dysphoria she was feeling.

The intro for the series opens with Grace's own confessional, "I felt lost at times like I couldn't survive. It took until I was 31 to publicly come out that I was transgender. Nothing's been the same since. While on the road I've met gender variant people from all walks of life, all at various points in their journeys. Hearing their stories and then being able to relate myself to it is what I need right now."

As stated, the first episode centers on Grace's years growing up in Naples, Florida, where she had a tough time getting adjusted after traveling a lot as a kid in a military family. Grace's mother Bonnie recalls, "She didn't fit the norm of Naples. She dressed really differently. She was constantly changing the hairstyles, everything from Mohawk to I think they're called the Liberty Spikes. She would do super glue to keep them up and she looked different so to speak."

Grace recalls instances of getting beat up a lot and getting into punk music, but continually running into trouble not only with fellow students but with the police. She also spoke about turning to drugs as a way to deal with the feelings of dysphoria she was experiencing and trying to find goals in music as a way to make her feel as though everything was normal.

Watch the full episode above and check the AOL Originals website for additional 'True Trans' episodes.