We know that English and Spanish are the dominant languages in Colorado, but the next most common language spoken in the state may surprise you.

The United States is truly a melting pot when it comes to the melding of different cultures, races, and languages.

According to Mental Floss, German is the most commonly spoken language in Colorado after English and Spanish. Ben Blatt, of Slate, came up with his language map using data from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey.

Three of Colorado's neighboring states, including Utah, Wyoming, and Kansas also show German as the third most popular language. Two of our neighbors, Oklahoma, and Nebraska show Vietnamese as the next most common language while in New Mexico and Arizona it's Navajo.

If you ever visit a world famous amusement park like Disneyland, you will undoubtedly hear quite a variety of different languages being spoken. But, in Grand Junction, you're most likely to hear English or Spanish, and occasionally an Asian dialect. I can't say that I have personally heard someone speaking German in Grand Junction, but I have heard some German accents.