World champions usually don't have to wait in lines very long... unless they're at the DMV.

Current undefeated WBC lightweight champion of the world, Adrien Broner, who likes to call himself "Mr. HBO" because of his fights for the pay-TV channel, had to renew his driver's license yesterday. Like everyone else, Broner was subjected to a time-killing, soul-crushing wait on a line. Unlike everyone else, the audacious Broner was able to buy his way to the front of the line.

Like an auctioneer, Broner offered $150 for a trade of his number for the next number in line. After there were no takers at that price, Broner upped the cash to $200. Still no takers, until… a woman took Broner's deal. She gave him No. 80, which was the next number to be called at the DMV. At the time of the trade/purchase, Broner was at No. 89. Not a bad deal, considering the line was moving quickly enough that the woman was unlikely to wait more than another hour to be called. Most people would take $200 for an hour of their time. And, don't lie (or hate), if you had the cash to jump to the front of a line, you'd do it, too.

This isn't the first time that Broner has clowned around with money. He recently flushed some cash down a toilet, making Floyd Mayweather's gambling exploits look downright sensible. If Broner isn't a little more careful with his cash, he may wind up next in the long line of former professional athletes that threw away all their money. At least he'll know where it went.

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