Legendary  vocalist  died in 1980, and now a documentary and a movie about the late singer are in the works. The documentary 'Looking for Bon' will focus on Scott's life from 1970 to 1974, and that film will be followed by a biopic with a script written by the late Vince Lovegrove, Scott's former bandmate in the Valentines back in the '60s.

Peter Head was a friend of Scott's and they were both in the band Mount Lofty Rangers. In a new interview with Billboard, Head talks about Scott, and shares some handwritten letters penned by the legendary singer. He also talks about what he hopes people will get out of the upcoming documentary and biopic.

"He just had something which no other Australian singer has ever had," Head says. "I’m glad to see that people recognize him 40 years later. But I think Americans don’t really recognize him yet and I hope this documentary and movie might show a bit more of him than has been realized in the past."

As to what he thinks Scott would be doing musically today if he was still alive, Head says, "I think he would have gone on to do a whole lot more. He did some outrageous things with AC/DC, like dressing up as a schoolgirl on stage, that served his sense of humor, which really came across. But he was a very serious singer as well and you don’t see a lot of that."

Head continues, "If he would’ve gone on to bigger and better things I’m sure he would’ve been making an album of the great American songbook by now or somewhere where he could really showcase his voice."

A recent book by former AC/DC manager Michael Browning revealed a story of Scott visiting a maternity ward to see two of his babies by two different women. Head confirms that information in his interview with Billboard.

"On his last day in Australia, Bon went to visit two women in the Melbourne maternity ward, they both had children and he accepted them both as being his children," Head recalls. "On the day he went to visit the women they were unknown to each other, he kept it secret. But that there are at least two kids in Melbourne that are his sons. I’m sure there are gonna be others that pop up claiming to be his kids and they might be, who knows. He was pretty prolific in that department."

To read Billboard's entire interview with Head and to see Bon Scott's handwritten letters, go here.

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