The Mesa County Landfill increasing fees in 2019.

Is the cost of everything going up next year? We recently informed you about the increased fees at The Colorado National Monument in 2019. We also passed along the Colorado Parks & Wildlife's plans to increase state park entrance fees, fishing licenses, small game licenses, and camping fees.

A trip to the landfill will cost you more too. Mesa County Commissioners approved the plan to increase tipping fees. The landfill receives no taxpayer revenue. The fees are what fund the landfills daily operation. The increase is only a $1 and takes effect January 1st. Commissioners say they approved the new fees to keep up with the landfills increased operational costs. Read more about the planned increases and the landfill's operations by clicking HERE.

The landfill is located 3071 US Highway 50 on the edge of Grand Junction. Their hours of operation are from 7 AM to 4:45 PM Monday through Friday and 8 AM to 4:15 PM on Saturday. You can contact the landfill by calling 970-242-7467.

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