For you first-time visitors, here's a quick crash course on some Colorado slang. And hey, Grand Junction gets mentioned.

From the website, a true Colorado native wrote this article explaining some of the more peculiar words and speech patterns that are truly unique to the Centennial State.

Here is a handful of the examples that are talked about in the article. There are bound to be plenty more. That's where you come in. Help us create the ULTIMATE Colorado/Grand Junction dictionary, so to speak.

Add your slang words and terms at the bottom of this post.

    • 'PFM' - #18 might be retired, but he will be in Coloradans' hearts forever. Omaha! Omaha! Indeed.
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  • 'Donkeys' - ONLY if you are a true native of Colorado and you literally bleed Orange and Blue are you allowed to refer to our football team with this term.
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  • 'Transplants' - I am one, so therefore I am not allowed to talk on the subject. But boy, do locals really hate that word. Or is it the transplants themselves they loathe?
  • 'Dispensaries' - Wait. What? You mean we can buy weed here? Let's call the stores something fancy, so no one figures it out and buys up all the good stuff.
  • 'Junktown' - Yup, this one hits a little closer to home.
  • 'The Right O' - Driving in Denver can be like driving in a foreign country. RiNo, LoDo, get it.

Can you think of any other slang words for Colorado?