Jennifer May of Pleasant Grove, Utah wants to be able to give her 11-year-old son specialized medical marijuana to fight his debilitating seizures. The young man suffers from Dravet Syndrome that causes seizures that sometimes last for 45 minutes.

May is leading a push to introduce a measure in the Utah legislature that would allow her to bring back a liquid form of medical marijuana from Colorado that is working for children with the same syndrome. There has been a bit of talk about this and even some states have outlawed the treatment out right.

I know from some comments on Facebook that some of you think this is just wrong, but why? It’s not like they a packing a bowl or lighting up a joint. This is a drug taken from the plant and has shown to help people with this type of epilepsy. So, why not let them use this?

I had a friend in High School who suffered from epilepsy and it really sucked for him. He couldn’t take part in some actives because he could fall out at any time. Now it wasn’t as bad as the young man in Utah but if there is a way to help them, then why not?
If the drug came from some big pharmaceutical company it would be good right? Except for the side effects that always seem to come from their drugs. I’m not sure why this has become such a hot button issue but I think we should help our brothers and sisters when we can.