Nothing like stretching out your birthday for a few days. Colorado celebrated its birthday on Tuesday, August 1st. The State Park and Wildlife are celebrating this Monday, August 7th with free admission!

Colorado Day was created by the state legislature to mark the anniversary of statehood, granted in 1876 by President Ulysses S. Grant. Free entrance to the state parks is an annual Colorado Day tradition.

Colorado's Best Kept Secrets
Zane Mathews

The list of the Colorado State Parks is long with just over 40. To help plan your adventure CP&W have a cool Park Finder interactive map. Click HERE to check it out. They've even picked a "Top 5" if you can't decide. The weather forecast looks good for Monday too. Cooler temps here with a high in the mid-80's. So if you can wiggle out of work make a plan to get to one of these beautiful Parks. So grab your boots, stuff the backpack, don't forget the sunscreen and head out. A reminder, the Park entrance fees are waived, but activities like fishing and camping will still require a valid license and permit.

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