A gigantic line of white powder was discovered on a roadway today, Monday October 11th, in Colorado.

As of today, the day that the white powder was discovered, it is unclear as to what the powder actually is, but authorities have been diligently collecting the powder to determine whether or not it is a dangerous substance.

The line of white powder that was spilled on the road was found in Colorado Springs, Colorado, near the area of 2255 East Las Vegas Street. This area of the city is located in the southern part of Colorado Springs between Janitell Road and South Circle Drive near such landmarks as the sprawling and popular Hotel Elegante and the Phoenix Tower, which is also the former home of the Colorado Springs campus of the University of Phoenix.

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The powder could be a number of things, including, but not limited to some sort of chemical compound related to concrete such as lime, a byproduct of some sort of chemical related to drywall, or worst-case scenario something more dangerous such as a biological weapon which could include things such as anthrax. The powder, although highly unlikely, could potentially have also been some sort of illicit drug such as cocaine or meth.

While it is unclear as to what the powder that spilled onto the roadway was, authorities took the proper precautions and closed the roadway to take samples of the powder to determine whether or not it was dangerous to those that drove through it.

The investigation remains ongoing.


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