There isn't anything to like about an abandoned building. They can quickly become an eyesore, hazard, and as they continue to disintegrate, even a health issue.

Good news, one of those downtown Grand Junction abandoned buildings is getting a make over. As a person that lives downtown, I take great pride in this part of town. Just yesterday evening as I walked down Main Street with a couple guys in The Sons of Texas they commented several times on how cool downtown Junction was.

Downtown residents will be excited to hear that the old Value Lodge is being renovated into apartments. That building at 1st and White closed in 2012 after a fire. I think everyone will agree, it's long overdue.

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

The plan is for the building to be transformed into 40 one bedroom apartments. No word at this time on when the project will get started or when it may be completed.

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