There is a major earthquake swarm underway under Yellowstone National Park with at least 78 quakes in the last day, but it's really not a reason for major concern.

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I saw some YouTube channels making a big deal out of this, but I believe that's being unnecessarily sensational. It is true that this is a major swarm as you can see on the USGS map.


As of this writing, the USGS is showing 78 earthquakes in Yellowstone in the past 24 hours with the largest being a 2.6.


We've reached out to the scientist in charge at the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Mike Poland in the past and he's mentioned that quake swarms are really not that unusual. When I asked him about what event would make him concerned about the super-volcano, he mentioned that instead of hundreds of quakes in Yellowstone over the course of a month, an imminent event would include thousands. This is nowhere near that threshold. However, it is interesting when swarms with large numbers like we've seen over the past day develop.

That's one thing about living in Wyoming and being in such a seismically active area. There are rarely any days that are dull which includes having nearly a hundred quakes in a day. In Wyoming, we call that Tuesday.

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