A one-legged 70-year-old retiree who is battling cancer and has poor eyesight hit a hole-in-one last week at St. Andrews in Scotland. Joe McLaughlin aced the par-3 fifth hole on the famed Jubilee course last Tuesday while playing a round with his lifelong buddy Dennis Leckie.

"I parked up in my buggy and told Dennis to go and fetch the ball out of the hole," said McLaughlin. "I used a seven iron and kept looking after I'd hit the shot. The ball just disappeared. I'd been playing rubbish up to that point."

Incredibly, Joe says this was his FIFTH hole-in-one in his 60 years of play.

According to Ireland's National Hole in One Club, the odds are one in 33,000 for anyone to hit an ace. For ol' Joe the odds had to be much higher. You see, Joe is only able to play the game today due to a prosthetic leg specially designed for golf. Joe also suffers from poor eyesight due to cataracts, AND as if that's not enough, he is currently battling cancer.

Joe, a life-long golfer with a 4 handicap, lost the lower half of his left leg in 2009 due to a blood clot. During rehab he persuaded his doctors to fit him for a prosthetic which would allow him to continue playing golf. It worked.

Since that time Joe's handicap has fallen to 10 due in large part to a cataract in his right eye which prevents him from seeing 20/20. He says he just lines up and hits the ball and asks his buddy to be his eyes. In 2012 McLaughlin was diagnosed with skin and bone cancer and now takes chemotherapy daily. To battle the nausea and fatigue from the medicine, Joe plays golf.

It appears as if Joe doesn't really have a handicap at all.

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