We live in an area full of opportunities to get physical.  From skiing and biking to rafting, this valley has it all within easy reach. Many of the activities may be too extreme for some folks. Where can you go to enjoy some light exercise that is safe, easily accessible and enjoyable that also offers some of the valley's best perks?  We've put together a little list of our favorite local jaunts just for you.

1.)  Colorado River Front Trails:
Stretching from one end of the valley to the other, from the lush orchards of Palisade to the quaint little town of Fruita, you will find approximately 22.1 miles of the scenic riverfront trail system ambling alongside the famous Colorado River. 25 years in the making, these trails offer visitors and residents easy access to some of the valleys most majestic scenery. Completely surrounded by natural landscaping, guests not only enjoy smooth paths but might be lucky enough to spot some eagles nesting or Blue Heron along the rivers banks. In all, there are five separate sections of connecting trails, with easy access parking near each section so you can go as far as you want or just explore one section at a time.  Public restrooms and the occasional watering hole can also be found nearby.

Located across from the CMU Campus at the corner of 12th St. and North Ave. you will find Stoker Stadium.  Open to the public from 5:00 a.m. till midnight daily (unless there is an event scheduled). Stoker Stadium's quarter-mile track boasts a soft rubber surface that is easy on the knees and ankles.  Well lit after dark with convenient parking, this is an excellent option for those wanting a quick, safe workout or power walk.

For a more leisurely stroll filled with charm and character, head downtown! Downtown Grand Junction's curving Main Street is an easy and fun option for those who enjoy a bit of culture. Unique little shops and restaurants offer quaint storefront displays and sidewalk cafes. Window shop or grab a latte as you wander through the flower beds and enjoy the many Art on the Corner displays created by local artisans and musical performances by local musicians. From June through September on Thursday evenings, the farmers market offers fresh, local produce and numerous booths full of local crafts and products.

When the weather outside is not cooperating, Mesa Mall is the perfect option. Mesa Mall is open Monday thru Saturday from and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can "crawl the mall" and window shop as you go or take a break in one of the comfy seating areas and people watch. Out of the cold, rain and heat of the day, you will enjoy the convenience of 85 different stores and 22 restaurants in a climate controlled environment complete with popular background music and the occasional live performance.

Breathtaking vistas of all three mountain ranges surrounding the Grand Valley are clearly visible from any vantage point in Canyon View Park. With several acres of lush, green soccer fields, baseball diamonds and the largest, most colorful and well-equipped play area in the Grand Junction area, Canyon View offers a little bit of everything for everyone surrounded by endless and effortless walking paths. Easy access parking and  public restrooms are readily available.

Another outdoor option is Sherwood Park. Sherwood Park is surrounded by a casual concrete walking path and is situated within one of Grand Junction's most well-established neighborhoods. Lots of picnic areas and a well-appointed play area are pleasantly situated on the lush lawn and mature landscape. Easily accessed from all sides, Sherwood Park is nestled between W. Sherwood Dr. and E. Sherwood Dr., within easy walking distance of several popular restaurants and local businesses.

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