Colorado is a weirdly wonderful place and has equally weird songs written about it. These are five of the weirdest songs with 'Colorado' in the lyrics.

  • 1

    Colorado - Grizzly Bear

    Although I am a fan of Grizzly Bear, this song is almost scary. The echoing effects give this song a ominious effect. The lyrics are few and far between. including lots of 'Colorados' and 'what nows?.'

  • 2

    Colorado Love - Stonewall

    This song by Stonewall should be in a commercial for Colorado. I can't think of a more generic and commercially sounding song. It's soothing, but also boring.

  • 3

    Stay Out of Colorado Rag - Beau Allen

    The lyrics of this one go 'most people can't pay the rent' and 'everybody's doing pot'. This song is funny but is basically a major burn to Colorado. While making this cover, I envision the band preparing a harmonica, some spoons and a laugh track ready to go.

  • 4

    Colorado Bluebird Sky - The String Cheese Incident

    'You can live a mile high' is part of the lyrics and holds very true for Colorado.This song sounds exactly how you think it'd sound like.

  • 5

    Colorado Bulldog - Mr. Big

    Mr. Big means a lot of big riffs. This song makes me wonder if being a Colorado bulldog is good thing or a bad thing. 'She'd strip me to the bone and steal away my heart as well, Colorado bulldog.'

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