Here are some of the weirdest and famous foods here in Colorado. From honey pizza to a burger/enchilada, see if these Colorado foods make you cringe or crave it.

Colorado has some pretty weird food, some of it is delicious, some of it -- not so much. These three foods are all made up of really weird combinations but they all still have the potential to be a delicious surprise.

Let us know how you feel about these three weird famous Colorado food in the comments:

Beau Jo's Pizza's original location is in Idaho Springs and their famous and weird food is Colorado Mountain Style Pizza. Colorado Mountain Style Pizza is a three to five-pound pizza, with more toppings than you can imagine. They also make their crust with honey and have honey on their tables, just like parmesan and red pepper. Even celebrities like Jax Jones are diggin' the honey and pizza combo.

The weird combination of foods that is Fool's Gold can be found at Nick's Cafe in Golden. This weird and famous food is a sandwich made with a jar of blueberry jam, a jar of peanut butter and a pound of bacon. This sandwich was so good, Elvis Presley flew to Colorado for one night to eat some Fool's Gold with his buddies. The owner of Nick's Cafe served Elvis as a teen and later opened this restaurant, which is completely Elvis Presley themed.

The Slopper is a weird, famous food that you can find at Gray's Coors Tavern in Pueblo. This is a combination of a cheeseburger, an enchilada and covered in green chile. The Slopper got its start at this tavern when a frequent customer asked for a burger smothered in chili in the 1950s. The Slopper is still served there to this day.

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