Hiking can be strenuous and exhilarating, but it doesn’t always have to be. Hiking can also be a fun, self-paced, and family friendly activity. Hiking can be enjoyed by all ages, from young to old. Here are three family-friendly hiking trails in Grand Junction, and they all start at the same trailhead!

Devil’s Kitchen

Devil’s Kitchen was the trail my family always hiked when I was a kid. It’s got a few rough spots, but for the most part, it is a fun hike, with some really beautiful views. It derives its name from the top of the hike, a rock fortress the stands hundreds of feet above the ground. If you haven't hiked Devil’s Kitchen with your family yet, this should be the first on your list. The trailhead starts just past the Redlands entrance to the Colorado National Monument. This is one of Grand Junction’s most famous hiking trails.

No Thoroughfare

No Thoroughfare trail is a fairly easy hike. You spend a lot of time low to the ground, and in some minor valleys, so it’s not a hike I would suggest on rainy days, due to the chance of a flash flood. However, on sunny days this hike is beautiful, and not very strenuous, making it a great choice for younger children as well as seniors. There are a series of beautiful waterfalls on this trail, and each waterfall makes the hike that much more rewarding. No Thoroughfare also starts at the parking area just past the Redlands entrance to the Colorado National Monument.

Echo Canyon

Echo Canyon is still one of the lesser known hikes in Grand Junction, but one of my favorites. Echo Canyon lives up to the name, a giant canyon with some pretty incredible audio effects. My kids and I hike this and have competitions to see who can get the longest echo. This trail is very beautiful, and truly showcases the natural beauty of the Grand Junction area. However, the beginning of this trail is a bit strenuous, so be prepared for that. The rest of the hike is fun and easy. Echo Canyon trailhead starts where Devil’s Kitchen and No Thoroughfare do as well, just hook a left when the trail splits.

If you’re looking for an extreme hike, these will probably not satisfy you. However, if you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly hike, all three of these trails are exactly what you’re looking for.

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