Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney vs. Jill Stein vs. Gary Johnson
Results - Barack Obama declared the winner with 283 electoral votes as of 9:45pm MST (270 electoral votes needed to win)

Colorado Issues

Amendment 64

Colorado Marijuana Legalization Initiative in connection and providing for the regulation of marijuana.
Results - Yes 52%, No 48%

Amendment S

Amends the Colorado constitution concerning the state personnel system.
Results - Yes 56%, No 44%

Amendment 65

An amendment to the Colorado constitution and the Colorado revised statutes expressing support by Colorado's legislative representatives for a federal constitutional amendment to limit campaign contributions and spending, and, in connection therewith, instructing Colorado's congressional delegation to propose and support, and the members of Colorado's state legislature to ratify, an amendment to the United States constitution that allows congress and the states to limit campaign contributions and spending.
Results - Yes 72%, No 28%

Referred Measure 3A

Plateau Valley School District 50

Results - Yes 49%, No 51%

Referred Measure 5A

Central Grand valley Sanitation District

Results - Yes 65%, No 35%

Referred Measure 5B

Grand River Mosquito Control District

Results - Yes 71%, No 29%


US House of Representatives

3rd Congressional District, Colorado

Scott R. Tipton vs. Gregory Gilman vs. Tisha T. Casida vs. Sal Pace
Results - Tipton 54%, Pace 40.9%

State Representative

District 54, Colorado

Jared Wright vs. Tim Menger
Results - Wright 58%, Menger 42%

State Representative

District 55, Colorado

Ray Scott vs. Dan Robinson vs. Virgil Fenn
Results - Scott 58%, Robinson 38%, Fenn 4%

Mesa County Commissioner

District 1, Colorado

John Justman vs. Jana Bingham Gerow vs. John Leane
Results - Justman 62%, Gerow 23%, Leane 15%

Mesa County Commissioner

District 3, Colorado

Rose Pugliese vs. David Edwards
Results - Pugliese 67%, Edwards 33%

Regent of the University of Colorado

At Large, Colorado

Stephen C. Ludwig vs. Tyler Belmont vs. Brian Davidson vs. Daniel Ong
Results - Davidson 46%, Ludwig 47%, Ong 5%

Regent of the University of Colorado

Dist. 3, Colorado

Jessica Garrow vs. Glen Gallegos
Results - Gallegos 54%, Garrow 46%

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