A home for sale in Beaver Creek, Colorado carries a price tag of $15 million and it pretty much goes without saying that the previous owner of this home was filthy rich, to say the least. However, other clues suggest that the home's previous owner, in addition to being rich, may have been a musician and/or a golf enthusiast.

Location of the Beaver Creek Colorado Home For Sale

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The home for sale in Beaver Creek is located at 46 Greystone Court Unit 46, Beaver Creek, Colorado 81620.

Living in Beaver Creek is pretty much reserved for the super-rich in the first place, but this home is especially expensive due to where in the popular ski town it is located, which is right on the Beaver Creek ski mountain.

Details About the Beaver Creek Home For Sale

The home for sale in Beaver Creek features four bedrooms, and 4.5 bathrooms, is 6,068 square feet in size and sits on a 6,926 square foot lot of land.

In addition, the exact asking price for the home is currently $15,445,000.

What's Inside the Beaver Creek Home For Sale?

At 6,068 and over $15 million, this Beaver Creek home is certainly nothing to take lightly. There are numerous fireplaces, and incredible views from the many large windows, and is designed for someone with extreme wealth.

However, one of the notable things about the home that gives clues as to who once owned it is the full-on music room. Yes, there is a room in the house filled with guitars and other musical equipment. In addition, one of the smaller bedrooms of the house has a guitar sitting in it as well.

There is also a room dedicated entirely to golf, leading one to believe that the former owner of the home was enthusiastic about the sport.

Take a Virtual Tour of the $15 Million Beaver Creek Home:

$15 Million Colorado Home May Have Belonged to Very Rich Musician

A $15 million home for sale in Beaver Creek, Colorado obviously belonged to someone very rich and clues point to the previous owner being a musician who loved golf.

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