You did it Western Colorado!

The Grand Valley came together to get Tommy Rocker, Kain and Tom from U.S. Bank out of the cold! Which is a good thing with possible sub-zero again tonight. Thanks to your donations of cash and food, a record 32,454 pounds of food will be added to the Grand Junction Community Food Bank! 95 Rock would like to thank our sponsors Sutherlands, Walmart, US Bank, Mesa Feed Mart, Motorcycle Accessories, Budweiser, The Raw Canvas. Plus a special thanks to Tom Eatwell of US Bank and the Community Food Bank Board for being a good sport on the coldest Homeless For The Holidays on record!

Everyone has thawed out and no major injuries were sustained. Tommy Rocker and Tom will make good on their sacrifices. Tommy Rocker will be cutting his hair and Tom will get his first piece of ink thanks to Justin Nordine at The Raw Canvas.

Thank you for your generosity and continued support of the community we live in.

Have a merry Christmas from 95 Rock!

Update: It's day 3 of the 13th Annual Homeless for the Holidays. For the second night in a row, the guys have been out in sub-zero temperatures! They are well under their goal of 9,510 pounds. Please drop off food or cash donations at the Rimrock Walmart this morning or at Sutherlands by the Mesa Mall - help get these guys out of the cold today!

Just so you know when we mean 'Smackdown' it is not pro-wrestling, but there have been bum fights in years past!

This year the challenge is between Tommy (The Rocker) and Tom (The Banker) from US Bank.

If Tommy Rocker collects more food at Walmart with Kain then Tom the Banker will get his first tattoo at The Raw Canvas. If Tom from US Bank wins Tommy Rocker will be getting his first hair cut in years.

Tom Freimann

Tommy Rocker is sleeping in a cozy comfy dumpster in the Rimrock Walmart parking lot.

Tom Freimann

Tom with US Bank ditched the desk and tie for the dumpster at Sutherlands!

Each area is collecting food for the Community Food Bank. The collection will go until they have enough food to last three months and at that time the 'Smackdown' winner will be crowned for the good of the community!

Updates for each location will be posted daily so keep track and please help get them out of the cold!

10:00 pm Update Day One

The Rocker Pound Count- 1,500

The Banker Pound Count-1,800

12:00AM Update - It is currently +1 Degree in Grand Junction. Kain, Tommy Rocker, Tom and Bachus are all out and sleeping in the cold. The Sutherlands newbies had a fire pit delivered, the veteran 95 Rock crew calls cheating.

Tom Freimann


The Rockers at Walmart got an official food weigh and came up with 3,230 pounds. Which is only one-third of the goal. The first weigh for the Tom the Banker and Bacchus came in at 8,430 pounds!

Tom Freimann