Up go the temperatures and out come the Colorado campers. I wouldn't recommend it though. these are ten reasons not to go camping in Colorado.

  • 1

    Too Peaceful

    Having no sounds of traffic or any man-made sound is much too peaceful. You'll miss hearing sirens and your neighbors music when you're camping in Colorado.

  • 2

    Too Wild

    Colorado is too wild. You might encounter some wildlife while camping and then who knows -- you might just respect nature more. You wouldn't want that.

  • 3

    Too Crowded

    There is clearly not enough space in Colorado. Camping just gets too crowded. If you like any amount of personal space, I wouldn't recommend camping in Colorado.

  • 4

    Too Beautiful

    Camping in Colorado means beautiful scenery. Perhaps, too beautiful. Seeing the scenery on a screen would just be way better, so don't even bother.

  • 5

    Too Hard

    You've got to lug all of your stuff in, and all of you own stuff out. Trash included. I'd say camping in Colorado is just too hard.

  • 6

    Too Bright

    The stars while you're camping in Colorado are much too bright. It's hard to sleep when you've got a sky full of stars just beaming.

  • 7

    Too Expensive

    The prices to camp in Colorado are outrageous. Prices can get up to a whole thirty something dollars. It's just too expensive to camp.

  • 8

    Too Smelly

    The smell of the campfire is overwhelming. There is really nothing like it. And when you camp in Colorado. you will smell the smelly smell of a campfire.

  • 9

    Too Far

    Anytime you have to leave your house, it's just too hard and too far to go. Camping not only requires you to leave your house, but more than likely the city you live in too.

  • 10

    Too Dirty

    There is dirt everywhere when you're camping in Colorado. I don't know what it is about being outside, but it seems like you can't get away from the dirt.

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